Who are you?

  • Retired teacher and technology facilitator with the Rowan-Salisbury School System
  • Small business owner 16 years
  • Married 40 years. Father and grandfather
  • Graduate of Salisbury High School and Wake Forest University

Why are you running?

For decades, Republicans have proudly underfunded the public school system in Rowan County. Our schools lag behind all its neighbors in student performance. We also rank poorly for per-capita income.

I’m not running to win an election or because I want the job of being a county commissioner.

I’m running to invent the possibility of Rowan County creating and funding an outstanding public school system.

Possibilities often get rejected by hard reality. Improving schools here would require public support and a school tax. I’ve lived here all my life and guess there’s little support for that here in Rowan, a solid Trump county. Democrats seldom run for office, much less hold office.

However, possibilities can be nurtured and grow and eventually inspire people to take action. So I’m running in order to invent a possibility such that others may one day choose to step into it.