Carlton Killian for ROWAN COUNTY SHERIFF

Tell us about yourself:

I am a North Carolina native and first came to Rowan County to attend Livingstone College, where I met my wife Nancy. I have worked in law enforcement for over 35 years. First as a police officer in East Spencer and eventually rounding out my career with the North Carolina Highway Patrol. After my retirement from the Highway Patrol, I became a private security officer for the Social Security Administration at their office in Salisbury. 

Why are you running?

I am running for Rowan County Sheriff and intend to make our communities safer by utilizing the latest intelligence-based predictive policing.  Crime reduction requires information sharing with other law enforcement agencies and continued relationship building and education of our deputies. Greater crime prevention is possible in our area by making sure every deputy is thoroughly trained in the areas of de-escalation, domestic violence, crisis intervention, and sensitivity training.

We need a Sheriff with experience, leadership, and the knowledge of who is connected with the community and I have those skills. The Rowan County sheriff needs to know our community and the community needs to know their sheriff. That starts with a Sheriff’s Office that looks like our community and responds to the needs of Rowan residents with professionalism and the best crime prevention and community safety tools available in 2022 and moving forward. 

How can people get in contact with you about your campaign?



Campaign Contact Number: 704-640-2113