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There’s been a buzz in the air as to how we can support our Democratic candidate for NC Governor, Josh Stein, and stop the MAGA, Trump endorsed, Republican candidate. Sometimes you begin by learning more about the opposition and telling your friends the truth. Don’t miss the MARK MADNESS bracket.

From the website: “Coalition Against Robinson’s Extremism (CARE) stands together to counter Mark Robinson’s message of hate and violence. We are a coalition of organizations that represent average North Carolinians from the mountains to the sea, in small towns and rural areas, and across Black, Brown, Indigenous, and white communities. We are here to say: Mark Robinson is wrong for North Carolina.”

NOTE: As the 2024 election cycle heats up, RCDP continues to bring you sources from across the web that seek to inform without explicitly endorsing them ourselves. However, best practice for an informed voter always includes doing your own research, looking into candidates (and their supporting groups). This link comes from a coalition led by Progress NC Action to help sound the alarm on Mark Robinson’s harmful politics.