Secretary Blinken comments on U.S. diplomatic efforts in the Middle East and provides a perspective on the gap between the Israeli intent to protect Palestinian civilians, the results that don’t always manifest, and how our diplomatic service and the Biden administration is responding. Also read 12/12/23 remarks from President Biden that rebuke Netanyahu and PBS and Al Jazeera commentaries on the passing of the UN resolution for a cease-fire.

President Biden took this conversation further on 12/12/23. “Rifts between the United States and Israel spilled into public view Tuesday as President Joe Biden warned that Israel was losing international support for its campaign against Hamas and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly rejected American plans for post-war Gaza.”

Read Biden’s remarks at: or

And late Friday, UN General Assembly votes to demand a humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza, U.S. opposes resolution. Find details here:,resolution%20making%20the%20same%20demand.