“We literally walked into our worst nightmare,” Kimberly Manzano, 34. A devout Christian and previously anti-abortion, Manzano shares her story as one of 22 women heading to the Texas Supreme Court because they were unable to get the healthcare they needed for their medically complex pregnancies. 

From MSNBC, 11/26/23 – “My hands are tied,” Kimberly Manzano recalled her doctor saying. “If it was my son, I would want him to be with God now sooner than later.” The nurse at her doctor’s office then sent Kimberly Manzano the name of an abortion clinic in New Mexico over email, leaving it to her to send her medical records to the New Mexico clinic in order to avoid ties or communication with the abortion clinic.

…This is the first apparent lawsuit led by women affected by the abortion bans since Roe v. Wade was overturned in the summer of 2022. …Marc Hearron, a senior attorney for the Center of Reproductive Rights said that while this is still a narrow case, that won’t restore abortion access across Texas, it’s a step in the “right direction” in securing women’s essential healthcare in the state.

Many NC Republicans running for office in 2024 appear to be headed in the direction of Texas and other states legislating reproductive health care for women. Abortion is a difficult and personal question. Manzano’s story may be the reminder we all need to truly understand the far-reaching effects of limiting a woman and her doctor from making lifesaving health decisions. What if Kimberly Manzano were your wife, daughter, sister, or neighbor?

…”Of the Texas lawsuit, Nancy Northup, president of Center Reproductive Rights said, “Everyone should be paying attention to this case…because right now, in the state of Texas, it is unsafe to be pregnant because you do not know if you will be one of the people who ends up with an obstetric emergency that threatens your life, your health, your future fertility…So this is important for everyone, including people who think they would never decide to end a pregnancy.”

Watch the video and read more from other plaintiffs at: https://www.msnbc.com/know-your-value/health-mindset/women-denied-abortions-texas-join-lawsuit-state-rcna126721