A recent issue from Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson includes insight into a way to fight the recent gerrymandered districts created by Republicans. Maybe we just need to tell the truth about Republican candidates to get Democrats back in office.

Heather Cox Richardson, 10/27/2023 – “The importance of identifying the contrast between image and reality in today’s politics showed recently as the meticulous work of Nashville investigative reporter Phil Williams of Tennessee’s NewsChannel 5 appears to have had an important effect on the mayoral election in Franklin, Tennessee. 

While far-right Christian nationalist mayoral candidate Alderman Gabrielle Hanson promised she was “committed to restoring and upholding the wholesome values that have long been the foundation of our city’s identity,” Williams exposed to voters Hanson’s shady history. He showed that Hanson had lied about having multiracial supporters and her ties to white supremacists, highlighted her bizarre behavior, and noted her embrace of Christian nationalism. 

On Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly rejected Hanson and other far-right candidates. Hanson won just 20.6% of the vote to 79.4% for the incumbent mayor. Then, after losing, Hanson apparently had her husband drop off her computer and ID badge at City Hall, abandoning her term as alderman before its November 14th end. 

Such deep investigation stands out in an increasingly turbulent sea of disinformation.”

Read more about the Kentucky election and voters looking at truths about their Republican candidates at: https://www.newschannel5.com/news/newschannel-5-investigates/franklin-politics/voters-soundly-reject-gabrielle-hanson-other-maga-candidates-in-historic-franklin-tennessee-election?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email