Plans for new NC congressional districts would elect more Republicans to Congress. Proposals could also give the GOP a chance to expand its legislative supermajorities. – NC Newsline.

From the article: Changing U.S. House congressional districts

Senate Republicans presented two proposals for new congressional districts. One would create 11 strong Republican districts and three overwhelmingly Democratic districts. The other GOP congressional plan would create 10 Republican, three Democratic, and one Republican-leaning district. 

The changes could have implications for the nation, where Republicans in the US House now hold a slim majority…

And the GOP continues with changing NC legislative districts:

The state Senate plan also puts two Wake Democrats, Sens. Jay Chaudhuri and Lisa Grafstein, in the same district. 

Grafstein said in a statement that she was being targeted, and she is “considering other options for continuing in public service,” including moving to another district. 

“These maps take a sledgehammer to Wake County, dramatically altering our community’s districts with the goal of dividing our delegation,” she wrote. 

“Republicans drew me out of the district I represent with the goal of silencing my voice and with it the voices of hundreds of thousands of our residents.”