Sometimes we need to stop and remember that there’s also positive news in the world.

Americans of Conscience 
Good News Special Edition for October 13, 2023 Celebration

Celebration is good for the activist’s heart. Yes, while it’s important to be engaged, pausing to notice what’s going well is one of the way we keep going over the long haul. So join us in pausing a moment to notice what’s going right lately!

Enjoy this list of recent good news:
– The Biden administration approves $9B in student loan debt forgiveness for nearly 126,000 borrowers.
– The Biden administration takes actions to promote educational opportunity for students of diverse backgrounds in colleges and universities.
– People from Afghanistan living in the U.S. can remain without threat of deportation through May 2025.
– USCIS directs agency employees to provide access to voter registration services for new citizens during naturalization ceremonies.
– The DOT invests in over 1,700 U.S.-built buses, nearly half of which will be zero-emission models.
– CA’s Supreme Court overturns decades of rulings shielding police from lawsuits, broadening the right to seek damages for abusive police conduct.
– CT launches a “baby bonds” program to address systemic poverty. 
– IL allocates $1M in funding for job assistance for the state’s tradeswomen. 
– NJ requires employers with at least 50 workers to include abortion coverage in employee health plans.
– TX eliminates sales tax on menstrual products and certain baby care items.
– 29 states and Washington, DC have enacted a total of 70 laws that expand voting access.
– A court upholds NYC’s $18/hour minimum wage for food delivery workers. 
– The Haudenosaunee Nationals lacrosse team reclaim their proper name.
– Iris Mogul, 16, starts a book club for her community to read and discuss books censored by the state. 
– The Raleigh, NC café A Place at the Table offers a pay-what-you-can menu.
– NYC Health + Hospitals reduces their food-related carbon emissions by 36 percent within a year by primarily serving plant-based meals.
– Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court bars the country’s former president from running for office for eight years due to his false claims about the integrity of the nation’s voting systems.