The Salisbury Post made noticeable and positive changes under the stewardship of Editor Elisabeth Strillacci. Local readers express gratitude to Strillacci and send expectations to the Salisbury Post to continue her high standards of journalism.

Readers respond to the leaving of Salisbury Post Editor Elisabeth Strillacci.

Elisabeth’s departure is a loss

I am so saddened to learn that Elisabeth Strillacci is leaving the Salisbury Post. Having joined the paper just 20 months ago, and assuming the news editor’s job a mere three months ago, her impact on the quality of the production is incalculable. It has been so clear to all us readers how much she cared about our community by expanding local coverage, providing balanced viewpoints, and demanding truth and accuracy not only from herself and the reporters she supervised but also, I believe, in a veiled suggestion in her Sunday departure column, from those of us who occasionally contribute articles ourselves. Managing all this with the limited staff so typical of small town newspapers is no easy task. Thank you, Elisabeth, for bringing the professionalism, integrity, intelligence and compassion that mark the best in journalism to our little paper. We are so lucky you came to us, and we must trust the proud legacy you leave will be carried on by your capable staff. And while you may not be running the show any more, I will continue to savor your Sunday submissions — always wise, witty, and poignant. — Mary James

Elisabeth’s leadership helped make the Post positive and refreshing

This is a letter to say how distressed I am to hear the news that Elizabeth Strillacci is leaving as editor of the Salisbury Post. She has done such an amazing job with subtle necessary changes. The front page news is much more positive with refreshing reports instead of crime activities. I’ve have also enjoyed her inner page down-to-earth articles. The whole paper has taken on a new upbeat feel to it in covering all of our surrounding news. It’s been a pleasure to read under her leadership. Let’s hope this trend continues. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. — Dotty Clement

Sad to see Elisabeth go

It came as a shock and big disappointment to read that Elisabeth will no longer be editor of the Salisbury Post.  Her term here has brought a freshness in local news coverage that the community has needed. She has welcomed contributions from a wide variety of writers and opinions to reflect the diversity of Salisbury and Rowan County. She has managed with a very small team to keep us abreast of the many wonderful things that go on here and introduced us to so many interesting residents and their stories. She has made us laugh and cry with her personal stories about her life and her appreciation of everyday pleasures and inevitable sadness. Her professionalism, her skill and her humanity will be very hard to replicate. I wish the management good fortune in trying to do so. Elisabeth, thank you for all you have done for the community. We will miss your hand at the helm but look forward to hearing from you. — Nan Lund

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Thank you for fair and inclusive attitude

To all at the Post, but especially to you, Elisabeth, I am so very sorry to see that you are stepping down from the editor position at the Post. It was finally a pleasure to peruse the paper, know that the whole county would be covered, voices heard, new reporters encouraged, and diverse opinions welcomed and given space to opine regardless of their political leanings. It was the first time in quite a while that Democratic events and meetings were given coverage, and that was welcomed, especially now that so much of the news is primarily strident. And, Elisabeth, your personal articles were touching, and they reached far and wide because of your generous spirit. I think it will be very difficult to fill your shoes and to match your fair and inclusive attitude. Blessings for you and yours. – Whitney Peckman

Change of the guard difficult

Elisabeth Strillacci’s absence at the Salisbury Post will leave a huge hole in our community as a professional and as a kind and honest person. May those that own the Post learn from her leadership and realize that a hometown newspaper can “maintain truth and accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality, humanity and accountability” while covering ALL the news. These qualities of journalistic integrity are what keep people reading. I know so many people who are finally reading the Post again as the coverage and caliber has expanded and improved with Strillacci at the helm. I hope her reporters were taking notes and the next editor comes close to what she managed in reviving our hometown newspaper as a paper to trust. – Pam Everhardt Bloom

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