A recent article from NC Newsline, “Advocates, administrators: ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ is a burden for Chatham County Schools” explains the difficulties of enacting this new Republican passed bill and how these bills distract from the real business of educating our children.

From the article:

Like many school leaders, Chatham officials have spent the first weeks of the new school year juggling regular duties while trying to get a handle on the so-called “Parents Bill of Rights” and its effect on students, teachers and parents.

“This is probably the most sweeping piece of legislation I’ve seen in terms of just trying to understand its depth and breadth over time,” Superintendent Anthony Jackson told the Chatham County Board of Education on Monday.

Putting SB 49 requirements in place comes at a painfully inopportune time. The rural, growing school district of roughly 9,000 students, like many others, is struggling to fill vacancies for bus drivers and math and special needs teachers.

Instead of focusing on those pressing needs, Jackson said, the district’s leadership has spent inordinate time on SB 49.

“We’re now talking about how we might be able to provide additional resources to hire teachers, to incentivize hiring teachers, to get more math teachers, this [SB 49] is what our instructional people have had to spend their time on — not getting our new teachers prepared to teach mathematics, not getting our new teachers prepared to plan good lessons,” Jackson said.

Read the entire coverage at https://ncnewsline.com/2023/09/13/advocates-administrators-parents-bill-of-rights-is-a-burden-for-chatham-county-schools/