September 11 dredges up many memories throughout our country. Kathy Vestal ties this sober event to even more sobering realities that exist today, possibly with folks you may know.

September 11: Never forget what can happen when extremist politics marries religion. Has your religion taught you that God wants you to vote Republican? That God wants men to be the “heads” of women? That abortion and gay/trans people should concern us more than any other issues? That Muslims are terrorists? That your religion is the one right one, and all others are dangerous? To fear and flee from “liberals”? That the U.S. is the greatest country in the world? To fear anyone born outside the U.S. and those who speak languages other than English? To hate science, history, and books not stamped with their approval?

Be careful, dear friends, for these are all dangerous political indoctrination. If it is Jesus you seek, read through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. All the way through. Then do it again. How did Jesus live, and what did he teach? His life and message look nothing like the poligion that is kidnapping some of our most vulnerable religious organizations.

September 11: Never forget what fear and hatred are capable of doing to our fragile human souls, and what power structures might be benefiting from our political indoctrination.

Kathy Vestal