“However, he and any like him need to give supporting facts, not hyperbolic questions that only throw gas on a flame.”

The author of the column “Lawfare,” (Salisbury Post 8/310 asks may questions in his article; however, he never gives any answers, in fact, he makes several accusations without giving supporting documents or thought. For instance, he writes, “What has the former president done? It’s not like he bribed Ukrainian authorities with one billion taxpayer dollars to protect his son from prosecution in Ukraine, is it?” The writer asks the unfounded question which is full of innuendo about President Biden bribing folks to enable his son Hunter. Representative James Comer (R-TN) and his ilk have been investigating Hunter Biden for more than four years and little concerning this private citizen’s illegal activities has been proven. We all know what an enormously disappointing son Hunter Biden is and thanks to MTG [Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-GA], we have seen his photos of poor taste. But does any of this prove that his father has done anything illegal? Nothing yet, but if so, then bring the charges, not the silly questions that only infer.

Concerning January 06, the author writes, “… the majority Democratic House appointed a January 6 committee to investigate what happened. What happened? We don’t know.” I suggest the writer view the abundant footage of the insurrection and then decide what he knows or does not know. If he can watch that footage and not know that our country was under assault, then he knows or understands very little or he denies what he sees. He should not try and cheapen the act of the traitors by placing insurrection in quotation marks. It was an attack on our democracy, led by one man, and one should ask Officers Farrone and Goodman about the attacking traitors not being armed. A gallows is a weapon, as is a flagpole, bear spray, and zip ties. These are a few of the facts of January 06.

The writer reveals himself best when he quotes President Trump: “As the former president has said: ‘They are not coming after me, they’re coming after you. I just happen to be standing in their way.’ ” If one believes that a man who owns Trump Towers and several golf courses but begs for donations to pay his attorney fees will put another person’s welfare before his own, I must doubt anything that person thinks or writes. President Trump is a proven loser with only self-interest: Trump University, affairs with well-known females, his way of “grabbing” a woman’s vagina because he is famous, an inheritance of over roughly $400 million wasted, and his lies concerning the 2020 election are proof of Trump’s poor judgement and dishonesty.

Now, just two last examples of the writer’s hyperbole. He writes concerning the southern border that President Biden’s policy had admitted illegals, “including terrorists on watch lists.” But once again, he makes the accusation without supporting facts. And if one thinks the woke media is so wrong and evil, I question why he refers to himself as a journalist. Why use an institution that one thinks so wrong?

Our press is not perfect, but without it we would live under Authoritarian Rule. “Fake news” does exist, but only in the writer’s world.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” Many folks are, I fear, much like the author in that they will form an opinion while ignoring facts. For instance, after watching President Trump speaking at the planned rally on the Eclipse on January 06, any person who denies that he did not rally “his people” to march to the Capitol and disrupt the official counting of ballots, denies the truth. Trump lied to the crowd and even his lawyers have testified that they told him he had lost the fair election. Yet, all these days later he still lies about the election.

The author of “Lawfare” and his ilk are free. Free in this great country to believe in anything or anyone they wish. They are even, as the writer has done, free to write articles concerning those beliefs. However, he and any like him need to give supporting facts, not hyperbolic questions that only throw gas on a flame.

Our country and its majority of citizens want more than a buffoon who lies and denies responsibility for his acts.

Roger Barbee