August may be busy, however it will only get busier as the 2023 Municipal Elections approach. Please consider volunteering with your gift of time or a donation. Take a look at a snapshot of August.

I regularly report to the Executive Committee about what I, as Chair, do each month to represent and endorse the Rowan County Democratic Party. Thankfully, I am not alone and I am grateful for all those who help keep everything running. To reach more voters and turn out the vote in 2023 we will always need extra hands. Please consider volunteering with your gift of volunteer time by contacting us at:

If time is in short supply, your gift of a donation is always appreciated. Online: or mail a check to Rowan County Democratic Party, 1504 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144.

August Report from the Chair

  • Advocated for an extended Early Voting Calendar to include additional Saturdays and Sundays at the Rowan County Board of Elections (an additional Saturday & Sunday were added)
  • Attended Granite Concert in the Park
  • Emceed the Rowan County Democratic Party FunFest
  • Finished the recruitment/reaffirmation of the precinct poll judges (66 slots filled), done cooperatively with the local Republican party chair and Board of Elections staff
  • Reported to NCDP county chairs meeting on our process of getting the poll judges
  • Prepared and co-led (with Keith Townsend) the presentation on Christian Nationalism for the Senior Democrats meeting
  • Met with District 8 Executive Committee
  • Attended the Common Cause UniteNC Town Hall at Mission House
  • Met with some of the candidates running for office
  • Led Executive Committee and Media meetings
  • College Night Out – Bell Tower Green
  • Shared a VISION FOR ROWAN COUNTY with the Executive Committee
  • Fundraising, as usual
  • Program Planning

Geoffrey Hoy, Chair, Rowan County Democratic Party