“America is not somehow immune…, the kind that led to the horrors of the Holocaust…. Indeed, we have a long and terrible history of bringing the full power of the state behind the very laws that separate, discriminate, and punish based on differences in race or sexuality.” George Takei

George Takei, at 86, has experienced life as a Japanese-American in the internment camps during WWII and as a gay man in the United States. His views, as recently published in The Daily Beast, are a stark reminder of the real dangers of scapegoating, particularly in light of the recent passage of legislation in the NC legislature as they overturned Governor Cooper’s vetoes.

We must not forget or try to obscure our history or our future under the guise of making it more palatable for some at the expense of others. Let us learn from our mistakes and be a better nation.

Read his commentary at: https://www.thedailybeast.com/george-takei-on-the-ugly-danger-of-scapegoating