Let us not forget that our paper provides local news we might miss or, if we weren’t present at an event, a good reporter provides a factual and fair account in the re-telling that we might never hear without a hometown newspaper.

Voters Speak recently shared (8/2/23) a PBS commentary about the importance of local papers. Let us not forget that our local paper provides news we might never hear, or hear correctly, if we weren’t personally present when it happened. Enlarging and moving our local Health Department is huge news when coupled with the expected expansion of Medicaid. And although Voters Speak shares opinion letters from local writers who provide permission, there’s often a subject of importance covered by an author who hasn’t been in contact with us and that is only available in the Post. With the beginning of school, more information about the new Universal breakfast and lunch program seemed pertinent. Take a moment of gratitude for coverage of those things local to Rowan County.

8/9/22 County moves forward on new Health Department plans in West End PlazaExcerpt about expansion of the Health Department. Our local paper covers the Rowan County Commissioner meetings.

The main reason for the potential move is to give the Health Department more room for growth. If the project is completed, the new space in West End Plaza would host 22 exam rooms, up from the 14 in the current East Innes Street building. With the upcoming Medicaid expansion, the extra space will be needed to accommodate the additional eligible patients.

Read in entirety at: https://www.salisburypost.com/2023/08/09/county-moves-forward-on-new-health-department-plans-in-west-end-plaza/

8/8/23 My turn with Carol Schmitz-Corken: A response to criticism of free lunch in schools. The president of the Rowan Food and Farm Network may answer some of your questions.

Excerpt: In response to the column “No Use for Free Lunch for Students,” here are a few facts for rebuttal:

The Universal breakfast and lunch program coming to Rowan County at the start of the school year is a federally funded program- it has nothing to do with your increase in property taxes.  Rowan Salisbury Schools diligently worked on the application and provided the documentation needed to qualify for this program… 

Free breakfast and lunches for school children have several benefits:   Reduces food insecurity, obesity rates, and poor health. Ends school food stigma. Terminates “lunch shaming.” Eliminates lunch debt. Removes a significant administrative burden. Improves the meals. Speeds up the lines, giving students more time to eat. Promotes student health. Improves cognitive function, short-term memory, the ability to conceptualize, and abstract reasoning skills. Increases test scores, especially in math and IQ tests.

Read the entire article at https://www.salisburypost.com/2023/08/08/my-turn-with-carol-schmitz-corken-a-response-to-criticism-of-free-lunch-in-schools/