Email your Rowan County Election Board Members ASAP and if possible attend the August 1st meeting.

Election Board members will cast their vote for our One Stop/Early Voting plan on Tuesday, August 1, at 12:30 pm at the Rowan Election Board Office at West End Plaza.

It is imperative that we also email the Board Members. It’s as easy as asking for 2 additional Saturdays and 2 Sundays to be added to the state mandated Early Voting calendar. Details here.

Your physical presence will advocate for creating the most accessible voting calendar possible. Please attend, bring friends, and look for the Two Nanas at the Election Board. We had a good showing on July 18 and all public comments encouraged the Board to expand the calendar. No comments were made that encouraged the Board to limit voting. This may not be the case on August 1st.

Pam Bloom & Nan Lund