The meeting space was packed with chairs full and standing room taken. Others craned to hear from outside the filled room as over 30 citizens showed up on July 18th at the Rowan County Board of Elections to advocate adding Saturdays and Sundays to the One Stop/Early Voting Calendar plan for 2023.

Of those attending, more than a dozen residents voiced reasons to support adding 2 additional Saturdays and 2 additional Sundays during the public comment period.

The Board will vote on a plan on August 1st. It is important that they hear the voice of the people. Please email your wishes to the Director of the Board of Elections,, who will forward all emails to Board Members. You may also choose to use the contact form provided on the website.

A short request could simply ask that both Saturdays and Sundays be added to the state mandated Early Voting calendar of Oct. 19 – Nov. 4. A longer email could include your personal reasons or pull ideas from 10 of the suggested reasons the Two Nanas compiled. A copy of our letter can be found at

The Rowan County Election Board Members are:

  • John T. Hudson, Chair
  • Catrelia S. Hunter, Secretary
  • Kenneth L. Stutts
  • Loutricia W. Cain
  • Dwight D. (Dave) Collins

Thank you for your activism. Small-d democracy begins with each of us.

The Two Nanas, Pam Bloom & Nan Lund