Gather at 12:15 pm – Meeting begins promptly at 12:30 pm

Let’s show up on Tuesday, July 18th, at the Rowan County Board of Elections by 12:15 pm and repeat history. You rallied in February 2020 and once again urged the Elections Board to add Sunday voting. Our numbers grew and by August 2020, Sundays and the most accessible voting calendar ever, were finally added with the adoption of the People’s Plan for Rowan County by the NC State Board. LET’S DO IT AGAIN!

WHAT: Speak or be present for Public Comment – Extended Saturdays and Sundays for One Stop/Early Voting Calendar, 2023 Municipal Elections – 3 minute limit per person

WHEN: Tuesday, July 18th

WHERE: Rowan County Board of Elections, 1935 Jake Alexander Blvd West, suite D10, Salisbury, NC
TIME: Public Comments sign up – be there by 12:15 pm – Meeting begins promptly at 12:30 pm

DO I HAVE TO SPEAK? No. Your presence speaks volumes and is a visible reminder that Rowan residents believe in accessible voting for ALL residents.