Show up to support the Governor’s veto and maintain NC’s current reproductive health freedoms. A public presence may be the incentive for the one vote the Governor needs to stop the recent Republican legislation limiting abortion and access to health care from becoming law. The Governor has been crossing the state this week to advocate for votes to sustain the veto he will sign on Saturday. Voters across the state have also been contacting legislators.

“Despite Republican attempts to disguise this abortion ban as ‘mainstream,’ Senate Bill 20 would dramatically reduce access to abortion and could cause women’s health clinics across the state to shut down,” the governor’s office said this week. … “We only need one Republican in either the House or Senate to help sustain the veto of this dangerous abortion ban. Ted Davis, Michael Lee, John Bradford and Tricia Cotham promised to protect women’s reproductive freedom. There’s still time for them to keep their promises,” Cooper said on social media.

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