A recently published letter to the editor in the local paper, “Stein not the best choice for governor,https://www.salisburypost.com/2023/01/26/letters-to-the-editor-jan-26/suggested that state of birth and college choice is indicative of an educated indoctrination that NC doesn’t need in our next governor. Roger Barbee replies.

As the race for our next governor begins, I hope that every voter will examine the credentials of each candidate. Whether a candidate is a native-born Tarheel matters not, but how he or she views the state and the plans he or she has for it are of utmost importance. Also, where a candidate attended college is immaterial. Colleges and universities such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and others like them have produced Senators Cruz and Hawley; Governor DeSantis; and many Supreme Court Justices such as Judge Kavanaugh. If these so-called “woke” (a trite word) institutions indoctrinate their students, then let’s begin by removing the above named politicians.

Roger Barbee