What you missed at the breakfast and an opportunity to hear Anthony Smith’s message at: https://youtu.be/DCbkd-JHZ8g

Local Democrats and friends met Saturday, Nov. 12th at Rowan County Democratic Party (RCDP) Headquarters for their monthly breakfast with a program of election reflections, gratitude to candidates and volunteers, and remarks and discussion for a path to the future. 

Opening speaker, Anthony Smith, local pastor and Salisbury City Council member, aroused listeners with possible strategies to consider as Democrats move forward.

Smith challenged us to “understand what is actually happening,” encouraged all to consider the importance of choosing hope over fear, and ended with a call for “deeper cultural organizing,” describing key tools for successfully engaging voters in Rowan County. He urged us to be daring, to think outside the box, to imagine the impossible, and to work together across our differences. https://youtu.be/DCbkd-JHZ8g

RCDP Chair Geoffrey Hoy reiterated that Smith “sets in context what we’re up against in Rowan County” and urged all to “Keep Going!” Hoy then described the local 2022 Democratic candidates as examples of “courage and strength in leading us” as he acknowledged those candidates in attendance – Tangela H. Morgan, Carlton Killian, Ruth Marohn, Ebony Rivers Boyd, Jean Kennedy, and Sabrina Harris – and thanked all local candidates who stepped forward in 2022 to run.

Candidates and individuals added additional words of thanks and feedback for improvements for the next election.

Sabrina Harris, elected to Seat 6, Rowan-Salisbury School Board, offered positive words of intention to the group as a newly elected official, emphasizing her commitment to education and her sincere appreciation to current Seat 6, Jean Kennedy, and her years of service.

Mackenzie Reedybacon, campaign manager for the successful election of Diamond Staton-Williams, Piedmont Regional Director for the Young Dems of North Carolina, and Secretary of the Young Democrats of Rowan-Cabarrus, urged Democrats to keep the momentum going that elected Staton-Williams to the NC House and protected Gov. Cooper’s veto power. Reedybacon emphasized the importance of rural organizing, talking to all people, and meeting them where they are and where we have aligned values.

Thank you’s continued with recognition of the many volunteers who worked tirelessly to make Election 2022 a Democratic reality in Rowan County as well as recognition of other organizations and activists in our community who work diligently and independently of the RCDP, educating and informing current and future voters with their shared belief in small “d” democratic values. 

Reminders were shared of upcoming events regarding the ERA, Salisbury-NC AAUW, local holiday events, and special note of the RCDP Holiday Christmas Party at Rowan Helping Ministries.

The meeting concluded with applause for Chair Hoy’s eight years of leadership. Hoy noted that the attending crowd represented a diversity of people in many different ways and that RCDP is representative of what Rowan County elected officials could become as Democrats continue to make inroads in Rowan. 

Linda Voelker and Pam Bloom