Poll Greeters – YOU are part of the light in Rowan County. More than 75 volunteers handed out slate cards during Early Voting and on Election Day; many of you working multiple shifts – some of you day after day.

Candidates & their volunteers also assisted. Precinct chairs recruited, helped fill slots, and showed up to help and fill holes. Corey Hill and his union folks provided an additional person at most precinct for 5 hours on Election Day. Please share a sincere thank you to any who helped and who didn’t sign up on our online sign-up sheet.

We also want to remind you of this month’s RCDP post-election breakfast discussion this Saturday, November 12th, at 10:00 am. The scheduled topic, Election Reflections, will include words from candidates, time for open discussion, and thank yous to all candidates and volunteers. RCDP Chair Geoffrey Hoy will moderate.

We are grateful. Thank you for your gift of time and service,

Pam Bloom & Beth Foreman, Poll Greeter Organizers