This is what we get in Rowan County if we don’t vote.  Turn up your volume and remember what it can be like. 

The 2022 election could be your last real choice as a voter if we don’t gain seats in the US Senate and maintain the majority in the House. If the Republicans gain a super majority in the NC State Legislature, Gov. Cooper will lose his veto power. What to do?

We begin by electing Cheri Beasley for US Senate, Scott Huffman for Congress , Tangela Lucy Horne Morgan  for NC Senate for Rowan & Stanly Counties, District 33, and for the  Democratic Judicial Candidates. 

This is the alternative. Remember 2020?  

Want to save small d democracy? Do at least 1 more thing besides casting your vote. Volunteer to be a poll greeter and hand out cards with RCDP endorsed candidates, sign up to canvass for candidates, talk to friends and share information, send texts to folks who need reminders to vote, share some of your dollars with the candidates. Contact for details or visit to read about other locally endorsed candidates and volunteer opportunities.