Every hour we have Poll Greeters at the election polls, Democrats are closer to victory. YOU can help save democracy in 2022. Too often, voters neglect voting for important judicial offices and local candidates because of limited or lack of knowledge. Poll Greeters make a difference in close races.   


  • In 2020, Cheri Beasley lost the NC Supreme Chief Justice Seat by 401 votes statewide. 
  • In 2021, only 14 votes separated Salisbury’s mayoral race.
  • RCDP Chair Hoy often reminds us, “in 2016 Gov. Cooper won by 10,277 votes statewide. Rowan votes for Cooper in 2016 were 21,631.”

Click here and sign up for shifts during Early Voting and/or on Election Day. 

Thank you for your time and commitment to saving democracy in 2022. 

Sincerely, Beth Foreman & Pam Bloom, 2022 Poll Greeter Organizers for RCDP