Evelyn Uddin-Khan, “Have the Republicans lost their minds? Have they too sold their souls to the devil? Do we have any decent, honest, truthful Republicans left?”

Anyone who admires Comrade Putin and tries to emulate his way of life is a die hard communist.

President No.45 seems to have a strangle-hold on the worst elements on parts of the American population. How can any sane, informed, thinking person follow this “ego-maniac” and believe the venom he spits?

One can only surmise that one day soon our ears, eyes and brains will open before we lose our country. Our country is so divided by race and religion, that it is quite simple for a serpent like #45 to crawl along and create disaster among people who want a better life.

Drawing on the news I submit the following quotes to prove the evil incarnate of #45.

William Falk, Editor-in-chief, The Week July 8, 2022: “Six years ago, Trump offered a devil’s bargain to evangelical Christians: If they gave a thrice-married, biblically illiterate New York City libertine their vote, he’d deliver Supreme Court justices who’d overturn Roe and promote a conservative Christian agenda. Trump delivered, with help from Mitch McConnell and Democrats who stayed home in 2016….”

Mother Jones Magazine on: “Fighting Trump’s lies: The endless spin. The outright denial of facts. The complete destruction of truth for political gain. He’s pushing a Big Lie to try to overturn the results of a democratic election.”

And let’s not forget the daily findings of the January 6 Committee. Representative Cheney made public how many witnesses #45 called to influence their testimony. At least these sane witnesses used their heads, showed some integrity, and reported his calls.

How can anyone believe and follow this insane, power drunk, self-absorbed egomaniac? Have the Republicans lost their minds? Have they too sold their souls to the devil? Do we have any decent, honest, truthful Republicans left? It doesn’t appear so!

The only goal of the Republicans is control of the White House. Control of Congress. Control of the Supreme Court. Where does this lead? To totalitarianism.

People out there, what are you waiting for? To join Comrade Putin? No elections under his watch. It is now or never! Change must happen in November, 2022 if we are to hold on to our democracy.

Voters this is no joke – we are heading for disaster.

Either we get out there and vote for democracy or live in Comrade Putin’s shadow with the blessings of #45 and the power hungry GOP.

Please people, wake up and see the direction we are heading. This is not about party politics. This is about our future. Our kids’ future. It is about “live free” or “live shackled to one party rule.” Communism? Totalitarianism? Our choice!

Let’s fight like hell to save our democracy. GO VOTE!

Evelyn Uddin-Khan