Thank you for your calls, emails, and letters about matters important to our community. Here are some brief updates to earlier action items and current concerns.  


  • Update – Rowan County School Board: As of 8/8/2022, Candidate list for Rowan Salisbury School School Board Race includes the following: 2 filing for North seat, 1 filing for South seat, 1 filing for West seat, 2 filing for Southeast seat. Filing continues until noon on August 19th. List is updated as candidates file and will be complete after the filing deadline.
  • Update – One Stop/Early Voting Calendar: The Board of Elections met on 7/8/22, reached consensus on the midterm elections calendar and added 1 additional Saturday and 1 Sunday to the state mandated Early Voting calendar. 


  • Update – General Assembly reconvenes on August 23, 2022. Here’s a link for checking the calendar and bills.


  • Inflation Reduction Act: Passed in the Senate under reconciliation. Both Burr and Tillis voted against it. 
  • Pact Act (Burn Pit Bill for veterans) Passed in the Senate. Burr joined the bipartisan vote and finally voted YES. Tillis continued his earlier stance with a NO vote. 
  • Respect for Marriage Act – no vote taken as of 8/8/22 

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