Just the way they are

I will say it in simple terms.

I got the message that you sent on the Fourth of July

So here is my reply

What about Faith?

Your ignorance had me heated

A little mad

Telling my kids, they had

To get off the streets once I seen a stampede of rebel flags

Don’t you think it’s kind of brave

That a percentage of money gave

Was from Black people to fund your hate parade?

That consisted of innuendos those saying “Heritage not Hate”

A Robert E. Lee march

Guns shooting over the crowd

Sons of the Confederate

That’s a slap in the face

Walking through the fair

Can’t believe what I seen

There was a shooting in Chicago

And you’re raffling off an AR 15

Hey Sundown Town

Forget the way it used to be

Your motorcycle gangs with Confederate flags

Are not intimidating me

People keep saying “That’s just the way they are”

Now that’s just insane

If four quarters make a dollar

Then we all have a right to change

Gregory Burroff-Smith