Since the first primetime viewing of the results of the Jan. 6th committee, evidence continues to mount that we witnessed a failed coup attempt. Pat Bullard asks, “Do we really Love and appreciate US Democracy, or are we willing to let it fail?”

The June 22, Salisbury Post column – ‘Other Voices’  ‘Hearings Show Republican efforts on June 6,’ points out the compelling testimony brought by primarily Republican witnesses about the Jan. 6, 2021 Failed Coup Attempt planned and carried out by the former President in his attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power for the first time ever. 

The Founding Fathers established the US Constitutional Republic (our Democracy), more than 200 years ago.  Had the former President succeeded with his plans to overturn a free and fair election, our Democracy would have fallen and the United States would be nothing more than a third world country. Do you want to live under an authoritarian government like Nazi Germany?

The Jan. 6th Committee Hearings are riveting, with witnesses clearly spelling out details of how the coup attempt was planned and carried out by Mr. Trump and his allies. Countless officials were threatened and harrassed trying to get them to support the claims of a fraudulent election.  Around 60 cases were brought saying there was fraud in the election and struck down and the Big Lie was told repeatedly by the former President, proclaiming the election was stolen from him and he had been elected President. Far too many people still believe those Lies and efforts in too many states to put into place laws and people to steal the next election are now happening, with some 100 people winning in primaries who say they believe the Big Lie. 

The evidence is indisputable.

Do we really Love and appreciate US Democracy, or are we willing to let it fail? 

Mr. Trump and his allies who tried to overthrow a free and fair election must be held accountable. We need to wake up and fight to keep US Democracy with its free and fair elections. The US is not always right, what with racism, hatred, gun violence, but we strive for a ‘more perfect Union’.

Pat Safrit Bullard