Dump Trump and his minions, he’s a dangerous man

We can’t keep hiding our heads in the sand

The only way we can win midterm races

Is to get ourselves to the polling places

Five men and a woman thought that they

Could make women’s choices go away

Save the unborn is their rallying cry

But once you are born be prepared to die.

Save the unborn and punish women if they don’t obey

But make sure guns and assault weapons are here to stay

Gun owners claim the 2nd Amendment grants them this right

Do they think they qualify as a well-trained militia in anyone’s sight?

Pro life, Pro gun, Pro Christian has overtaken the Supreme Court

They’re determined to overturn human rights for which we have fought

A non partisan Court is a thing of the past

The Court has been corrupted, the die has been cast.

SCOTUS and the government must forever be free

Of the restrictions placed on it by Christianity

Religious freedom is guaranteed but it belongs at home

Not in government decisions or under the Capitol Dome.

Voter restrictions target black people and the poor

Undermining fundamental rights to its very core

Some say climate change can’t actually be real

Rising temps and pollution are no big deal

Living wages and health care for all doesn’t affect me

Excuse me while I go on a shopping spree.

I’ll live comfortably with my white privilege advantage

As long as it doesn’t cause me any long-term damage

The problems we face won’t be resolved

Unless we’re willing to be involved

Purple’s a nice color, I like it too

But NC can’t get ahead until we turn blue.

Carol Pomeroy