A President Needs a Senate He can Work With 

No president can do a successful job without a Congress that is willing to support the needs of the American people.

Fellow Voters: We need a senate that President Biden can work with. We all know that Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are the hypocrites in the 50-50 Senate. They are anything but loyal to the needs of the people who voted for them. Thanks to them the 50-50 senate is not working. We the voters need to put on our campaign boots and hit the road.

We can’t wait any longer for change to “come”, to “happen”. Life does not work like that. We make things happen. We the voters change our lives at the polls. We vote for change.

A working government – all three branches – must be interested in my life, our lives, stomach, health, freedom. When was the last time the Republicans addressed our humble needs?

Furthermore, this election is about saving democracy in the United States of America. Simply put, if the Republicans have their way, we are heading for a one-party government with a Supreme Court that is a stool-pigeon.

And voters, if you think a one-party state is a “fun” place to live in, just look at Putin and his peons. Look at Ukraine. And we have a Supreme Court that has proven they are willing to enable the Republican Party to do their bidding. Just look at their decisions of June 23 & 24.

No people – we are heading for disaster. We act now or live with the consequences.

Mrs. Ginni Clarence Thomas

Okay People: Meet our newest most influential member of the Supreme Court. We now have nine (9) appointed judges and one closet expert sitting in.

Ginni Clarence Thomas! What power! What clout! What a woman! Dear Ginni was on the side “to overturn the 2020 presidential election”. Here is the quotation from the New York Times: “Ginni Thomas has a lot of explaining to do,” Jamelle Bouie. “We already knew that the conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was an enthusiastic supporter of the plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election …”

How can the people in the three branches of our democratic government sit back and allow Ginni to walk all over them? She is getting away with her abuse of power and influence that is so outrageous and insulting to people who “respect” the law. She is also dangerous. Should Clarence Thomas even be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court? What is happening in this country?

We are looking at an abuse of power never before seen in this country. Since when are spouses allowed to use such power and influence in the Supreme Court?

There is nothing that can be done to change the prejudice, bigotry and blindness of the Supreme Court for the next 20 years. Sad to say! The Republican party has brought the legal system of the United States to its knees. And if voters do not wake up now and see the path to totalitarianism we are on, then there is no turning back and the end of democracy, life as we know and enjoy it, is close at hand.

We can’t stop the supreme court from its destructive path. Can we stop the Ginnis and the Republican gangs from ending democracy?

Yes, we can. It is voting with our heads for our needs and for the democratic values we believe in.

Supreme Court Steps Back Into the Past

The Supreme Court of the United States voted in June to overturn Roe v. Wade. Gosh! What a surprise! Shocking! We did not expect this! – Now back to reality. Overturning Roe v. Wade was a foregone conclusion. It took 50 years for this Republican dream to come true. Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh showed the world their lack of integrity and disregard for legal precedence when they said they respected it.

So now, we the females, no longer have the constitutional right to have an abortion. That’s OK. We don’t need a constitutional right, handed down by a sick court or a demented political party, to dictate these matters for us. We, women are still going to have abortions.

The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the Republicans are so ignorant, they still do not know that men, irresponsible and evil men seeking to fulfill their own selfish pleasures, get women pregnant. Well, women have been having abortions since the beginning of time and will continue to do so until the end of time — or if men stop molesting them and getting them pregnant.

Whether abortion is legal or illegal, women are going to go to another state or another country where the money will be happily taken and do what needs to be done. On the other hand, their aunts and grandmas bathrooms are also available with perhaps unclean ancient instruments. And therein lies the tragedy.

Let’s hope they survive this illegal ordeal. I don’t think Justice Alito would lose any sleep over their demise or the suffering they may endure. He used the words “egregious wrong” 13 times in his 213-page decision, or was it a book he was writing on the 14th Amendment?

The death of Roe v. Wade took 50 years. The Republicans were patient and their patience paid off. I wonder if Republican women do not have abortions, do not use contraceptives, and still manage to have only two kids.

The larger question here is that the Supreme Court now appears to be an extension — the tool — of the GOP ready and willing to do their bidding. The end of June also saw the Supreme Court strike down the New York law on carrying concealed weapons. These are big wins for the Republican pro-life, pro-gun advocates.

So, what’s next on the Supreme Court’s agenda to help the GOP make the United States a one-party country? Are they going to decide and rule on future elections so that their candidate is elected president? And let’s not forget Justice Thomas who has his eyes on contraceptive and same sex marriage and has a very influential wife.

Supreme Court, please keep in mind that a one-party country is a totalitarian regime and won’t need a Supreme Court. Just check with brother Putin. You could all be without your jobs, your power, prestige and fat benefits.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade is based on the 14th Amendment, and the decision on guns — the right to bear arms — on the Second Amendment. How many centuries ago were these amendments written? Has life changed since then? What were the needs and conditions of life in those times compared to the present?

Members of the Supreme Court and the GOP, do you have running water and toilets in your house? Do you carry cell phones and watch the Jan. 6 hearings on TV?

Just a reminder — this is the 21st Century. When do you plan to join the real world? A world in which women have abortions and use birth control. A world where men are still like animals and rape women and never face the consequences of their actions.

A world where guns kill little kids in schools. A world in which people are penalized and ostracized because of their color, their race, their religion.

Can you fast forward? Life is not static.

Finally, your job in the Supreme Court is to protect all the people of the United States of America, not a political party. It is also not a platform for you to express your political and religious beliefs.

Evelyn Uddin-Khan