Strong and inclusive communities benefit everyone. Brian Pfaff encourages us to cherish our diversity.

In response to “Why a Pride Night?” (Salisbury Post, June 9), Mr. James, I’m sorry you are feeling bullied by the inner workings of a capitalist system that I’m sure you advocate when it supports your own causes.

We, fortunately, live in a very diverse country, and we are all bound to come in contact with people whose values we disagree with. Personally, I feel bullied when I go to a restaurant and see Fox News blaring, or when I stand in line at the grocery store and see someone in front of me with a sidearm or gun strapped across his back. But, I don’t whine about it. I just don’t go back to that restaurant or store.

I don’t think the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers will feel your absence at Pride Night. The other attendees who cherish diversity will most likely have a better time without you.

And, by the way, every other night is “straight” night at the ballpark. Only a snowflake would think otherwise.

 Brian Pfaff