Republicans are once again trying to enact additional obstacles to voting here in NC by requiring the County Boards of Election to undergo the time-consuming process of ‘verifying’ a voter’s signature on an absentee ballot before it is counted. 

  • This process is not required under NC Elections.
  • These changes will result in thousands of ballots being unfairly rejected because of perceived signature mismatches.
  • We already have an arduous procedure that requires two witnesses on an absentee ballot.
  • The signature verification process is unnecessary.
  • You can make a difference and protect our vote in less than 5 minutes. 

Take immediate action and stop this proposal by letting the State Board of Elections know that you, the voters of this state, do not want a signature verification process. 

You can help protect our democratic process by leaving a comment on the State Board’s Comment Portal here.

Don’t hesitate. It takes less than 5 minutes and our actions could make a difference for thousands of voters in NC.