A writer (to the Salisbury Post) recently stated they will protest the proliferation of Pride month activities and rainbows by boycotting the Pride Cannon Ballers game. He feels bullied, out of place, and uncomfortable at being a minority surrounded by people different than he is.

LGBTQI+ people can empathize.

Daily, our society demeans any person who doesn’t fit the “straight” mold. In-the-face or subtle, gayness is portrayed as unacceptable and genetically defective. Eyes roll at couples, people are beat up or murdered, laws are passed attempting to demean and erase loving families made up of affirming parents who do not look like lawmakers’ “desired” family unit.

Daily, gays are tired of feeling out of place, unsafe and uncomfortable. Going to the store, finding a home, going to work, going to school, going to social and sporting events, shopping for clothes are all filled with a variety of cues that make plain the LGBTQI+ person is not safe there.

Pride month establishes 30 days out of 365 where LGBTQI+ humanity can gather openly with the growing tide of allies in stating there is no “us” and “them,” but “we.”

“We” are all human. We all deserve to live our daily lives without fear, being accepted as we are and who we are with. For the writer boycotting the game, his protest will affect just a few hours out of one month where he feels bullied.

For the gay community, feeling bullied, out of place, unsafe and unwanted is a daily reality. This is what is unacceptable. Being LGBTQI+ is just as much a matter of genetics as how tall we grow.

Acceptance. Love. Freedom to be. These 30 days are filled with hope for a future where people can live safely as themselves all 365 days.

Laurie Klaus