Whitney Peckman echoes the outrage across our United States after the unveiling of the Supreme Court draft that points toward eventual reversal of Roe. She  compares the effects of this ruling upon women to Taliban rule and illustrates her concerns with the text from Michael Moore’s powerful May 4th writing, “The Forced Birth Ruling.” She also challenges those who deny women their right to choice, based upon biblical beliefs, to read further.     

The degree to which this ruling reminds one of the worst of Taliban rule is stunning. We are now the Talibanic US of A. Michael Moore’s points are quite clear. https://www.michaelmoore.com/p/forced-birth-ruling?s=r  

If you also are claiming to follow Christian edicts and are standing in favor of this ruling, better check your bible again. Here is a place to begin – Ethics and Religion Talk by learned and religious people. https://www.therapidian.org/ethics-and-religion-talk-what-scripture-upholds-your-faiths-teaching-abortion-part-1 

Then get in YOUR place – BEHIND the man being seen and NOT heard! How can we support this stripping of women’s rights leaving their bodies to be legislated by men? 

I feel as if I stepped into a time-machine and now stand beside my Black sisters on the auction block! NO! Forward, not ONE step back!

Michael Moore, The Forced Birth Ruling

One hundred seventy million American women and girls were suddenly informed on Monday that they have been removed from the ranks of full citizenship, and that their rights are now diminished so severely they will heretofore be commanded to give birth, whether they want to or not. 

Once pregnant, the government will now make all women prisoners of their wombs, automatically forced for the full nine months to carry the fetus inside them to term, whether they intended to be pregnant or not, a 21st century version of house arrest. 

And when it’s time to give birth, the woman who didn’t want to be pregnant in the first place is either virtually or physically held down until that fetus is forcibly removed from the incarcerated vessel that was ordered to carry it. 

This Order by the Supreme Rulers gleefully violates the very first pronouncement of our Constitution’s First Amendment which clearly states, without equivocation, that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  The Ruling this week forces all Americans to now follow the strict religious beliefs of the Catholic Church and much of Christianity which has concocted a fantasy that a fertilized egg is a human being — even though their own founder and God, Jesus Christ, never said any such thing. In fact, the word “abortion” appears absolutely nowhere in the New Testament. This Supreme Ruling, from a Court consisting of a majority of Catholic Justices, has ordered the citizens of the United States of America to now obey a major tenet of the Catholic Church — or be found guilty of a crime. 

This Supreme Ruling removes the right of all women to be equal citizens to men — men who will retain full 100% control over their own reproductive organs. Both men and women have five main bodily systems. Women will now be allowed to maintain control of only four of their top five bodily systems: their circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and their muscular/skeletal system. But not their reproductive system. That power now belongs to the government. Which makes women 4/5 of a citizen. The State of course exercises no legal control over whatever it is men want to do with their bodies, and no man is forced to reproduce or deal with any of its consequences as women are.

Our Supreme Robed Rulers have relegated women and girls to permanent second-class citizenship. The pretending that women are legally “equal” can now thankfully stop. The truth is they were always 2nd class citizens, thanks to unequal pay, no paid maternity leave, domestic abuse, etc. The fake mask of our American system of “equality” has been ripped off, no more pretending now, because the real slippery slope has begun. This Forced Birth decision is only the beginning. If these fascists are not removed from office, as President Biden has warned us this week, they will be emboldened and they will be on a rampage to undo other freedoms that are an affront to the State Religion they have now shoved down our throats in the Dobbs Case.

Next up: ending same sex marriage. After that: the removal of the Plan B pill, aka “the morning after pill.” They have already eliminated the Violence Against Women Act and they will make that permanent. They have invaded school board meetings with threats of violence if the schools continue to teach that white Americans kidnapped, raped, lynched and enslaved Black Africans to build this country. They will continue to gerrymander, suppress the vote, and keep Black Americans on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. Your child will be forced to start the school day, every day, by standing and praying aloud to this Christian God Jesus Christ who never once condemned homosexuality, never once forced anyone to pray. They have made up this fake god to suit their totalitarian political agenda, to force women into the maternity ward, to send Black Americans to the back of the new bus where they are imprisoned by the millions along with other people of color. 

Welcome to the New America. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, only the new boss no longer has to fake-sing his praises for “Democracy!” and “Freedom!” and “Equality!”

The New America is about to become a much scarier place. The Supreme Wealthy are going to take everything from you and they believe they’re going to get away with it. Only November stands in their way. Only November has a chance of stopping them. And that’s on you and me.  





Then we might have a chance. 

And I believe we do. Because there’s more of us than there are of them. 

(Note: The ABC News poll this week showed 70% of Americans believe “abortion is a private decision between a woman and her doctor.” Only 27% of the country supports what the Trump Court is about to rule! C’mon people — let’s beat these traitorous bastards once and for all.)

Whitney Peckman