Pat Bullard replies to a Cal Thomas column, ‘Walk forward better’ published 4/5/22 in the Salisbury Post. Like Marjorie Taylor Greene’s testimony on the stand last week, Mr. Thomas seems to conveniently “not remember” what is important to preserve democracy, choosing political word play over actual information. 

Cal Thomas has forgotten, as has the trumpian gop, the corrupt government of the defeated former guy twice impeached.

They try to forget and rewrite history about the Failed Coup Attempt on Jan. 6, 2021, that would have overthrown the US constitutional republic, our democracy, had it succeeded. The coup attempt tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a free and fair election. That would have ended the democracy, something  only seen in third world countries that became dictatorships.

These same republicans every day cause havoc in the governing of our country and refuse to cooperate in most legislative efforts. If those many domestic terrorists involved in the Coup Attempt are not held accountable, it will happen again and could succeed to end the longest held democracy, to become a dictatorship.

Cal Thomas and his ilk should stop with their negativism, hatred,  and racism if the US constitutional republic (democracy) is to remain. It is limping badly.

If the former guy was still in power, how would he have handled the horrible Ukraine situation, when he still praises evil dictator Putin. Trump even asked Putin for a favor just in the last few weeks and during Putin’s horrible invasion and war in Ukraine.

Patriotism prevailed after 9-11 when Democrats pulled together with a Republican President. Today’s GOP greatly lacks Patriotism.

Pat Bullard