Orland Carra and Linda Voelker call us to action with a musical parody based on the cartoon, “Underdog.”  In addition to regularly raising awareness about important issues through written word, Voters Speak ISSUES A CHALLENGE to Get Out the Vote with your creative endeavors. Create your own video and share with Voters Speak and the Rowan County Democratic Party. Borrow the words from this parody of the UnderDog cartoon, or create your own version with your generational twist or favorite music genre. View this video on the Rowan County Democratic Party YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/kj84tfgITtg

Voters Speak, musical notation by Orland Carra,  Words by Orland Carra & Pam Bloom 

Intro: Bass Notes E G   A   C B  A  (repeat x 2)

Voice                        Ah-oo     


E        A      A  A B    C        B   A

When lead-ers in this world ap-pear


E     B        B   B      C    B     A         Ab

And break the laws that they should fear


E     Ab  Ab  Ab   A  B     A   Ab

And cit – i – zens  re-fuse  to  hear


E     A   A     A   A     C   C   C       D

The cry goes up both far and near for

Am                                          E7

E     E    E        A    A   A        E    E    E        Ab  Ab  Ab

Vot-ers speak, vot-ers speak, vot-ers speak, vot-ers speak

Am                   E7                        Am             E7

A        E A    E    C    C     C    C     A     E   A      E         C      C   C     C 

Speed-y typ-ing, cru-cial hou-r,   bold-ly speak-ing      truth to pow-er

Am                                       E7

E     E    E        A    A   A        E    E    E        Ab  Ab  Ab

Vot-ers speak, vot-ers speak, vo-ters speak, vo-ters speak

Repeat Intro:  E G   A   C B   A  (repeat x 2)

                             Ah-oo     Ah-oo


E       A  A  A    B    C  B   A

With in-for-ma-tion of-ten wrong


E     B        B   B     C    B  A   Ab

And some de-cide ‘just go a – long’


E    Ab  Ab  Ab     A     B      A   Ab

It’s time to   speak and stand up strong


E    A      A   A    A     C       C   C     D

Re-mind all  that their votes be-long with         Repeat Chorus
Orland Carra