Many of us may hesitate to contact our elected officials. Don’t dismiss the power of our voices IF we use them. The midterm elections of 2022 are  crucial and we must put our cynicism aside.  Pat Bullard contacts President Biden and other elected officials regularly. Be like Pat! 

I have just contacted President Joe Biden via the White House website. I have written to him about the Voting Rights Act before the obstructionists stopped it and he did respond twice.  

In today’s contact I urged President Biden to take executive action. If legal action is brought, at least the issue would be in the courts.

Even though several states have stopped the voter suppression in the courts, it is far from all of the bad actions. I have urged Biden to take executive action to protect voting rights. I also urged him to eliminate all student debt. Student debt payments have been delayed during the pandemic and the world did not fall apart. The younger generation needs to see that our president has taken this action. 

I began by thanking him for his leadership and especially his support of Ukraine in this horrific action Putin’s Russia is taking. Finally, I urged him to find a way to take executive action against the price gouging. Big corporations are making an obscene amount of profit while increasing prices in the name of inflation. This is nothing but corporate greed and price gouging.

I greatly fear if the United States constitutional republic falls and our democracy is lost, will we ever get it back? The midterm elections are crucial if the democracy is to be held.

Pat Bullard