As a retired history teacher, Keith Townsend looks carefully at any sources he uses when he begins an opinion letter. Many thanks to Keith for sharing his personal list of trusted sites. We need to continue to dispel the myths and lies that are too readily shared through misinformation and disinformation campaigns. Please consider voicing your opinions and submitting those thoughts to Voters Speak. Rowan County needs our combined voices. Together we can make a difference. 

  1. – excellent source for state politics, always current
  2. – branch of N.C. Policywatch, focus on economic justice
  3. -strong on organizing
  4. – website of the N.C. General Assembly, basic information such as committee               schedules, progress of bills, member voting record, etc.
  5. – civil rights issues and organizing
  6. – local chapter very active
  8. – environmental law in the southeast states of NC, SC, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia, always current
  9. – wealth of information on Congress (federal legislation, members, party statistics)
  10. – excellent resource
  11. – Institute for Policy Studies, very progressive, comprehensive
  13. – Physicians for National Health Program
  14. – follow the money
  15. – People for the American Way
  16. – historic progressive organization
  17. – Alliance for Securing Democracy, focus on protecting western democracy from Russian influence
  18. – designed for teachers, can find information on almost any subject
  19. – government data, interesting and accessible – documents in law, history and diplomacy, also focuses on current issues 

Keith Townsend