Some readers have noted that they’re never quite sure how to begin an opinion letter. Evcelyn Uddin-Khan draws inspiration from the ACLU in her most recent reminder. As noted in another digest letter from the 3/3/22 Voters Speak, we must remain diligent and continue to contact our representatives who, regardless of party, represent us all once elected. 

ACLU: “The strongest way to push back against this nationwide assault on democracy is to restore the Voting Rights Act.”

This is our fight. The Voters fight! Only we the Voters can stop the fascists from leading us to a one-party regime like the Philippines, Russia, China, Arabia, etc.

The ACLU sent me their newsletter. The headline: OUR DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ATTACK.

I use the following quotes from their newsletter dated 2-2-2022.

“…the Supreme Court issued a disastrous opinion further weaking the Voting Rights Act and making it harder to challenge racial discrimination in voting.”

“Voter fraud is not the challenge that confronts our Democracy.”

“The real threat comes from those who do everything in their power to stop Black and Brown citizens from exercising their right to vote.”

The ACLU’s advice is to write letters – hundreds of letters – urging our Senators to get critical voting rights legislation on President Biden’s desk.

I feel awfully embarrassed when I have to refer to fellow human beings as Black and Brown and White. I guess that is something I must live with.

Look people, it all comes back to us the voters. Let’s stop sitting around and get the message out that voter suppression is not only going to affect Black and Brown people, but White people also.

This is an uphill fight. We Voters – all colors – are speaking and ready to ACT.

We the “dark” voters have no one on our side. Even the Supreme Court hates Black and Brown people. The Voting Rights Act is at stake! No time to lose.

Evelyn Uddin-Khan