At 84, Pat Bullard, continues to use her voice for positive change. Her activism shows politicians may listen and she urges us to continue efforts to protect voting rights and the future of our nation. 

If it concerns you, speak out loudly and often and with diligence. Yes, they listen. I previously worked in a position in Raleigh where I advocated for social issues and issues affecting the poor. Persons within county Departments  of Social Services were members of the group, NC Social Services Association, and I kept them informed and they would be in touch with their legislators for and about the issues. Yes, they listened.

I am long retired and moved back to my home county of Rowan. I continue my avid advocacy. I am extremely concerned about voting rights and the future of the US constitutional republic, the US form of democracy, and other issues. I have written extensive letters to our leaders in Washington. and I did receive 2 different replies from President Biden. In the early 1970s I was involved in a letter writing exchange with NCs Senator ‘NO’, Jesse Helms.

Over the years I have visited the NC Congressional delegation in Washington, and I walked the halls of the NC legislative building daily. At the age of 84, I am limited in my activities, but I will continue to be a vocal advocate until the day I die.

Don’t let anything silence you. Speak out loudly and often with diligence.

Pat Bullard