Geoffrey Hoy had an excellent response in December to some tactics used to frighten people about the Democratic Party. May we continue to lay rest to misinformation and disinformation and keep people tuned to the facts. 

Recently we read in the Post a column from Ray Nothstine entitled “Christmas can’t ever be canceled.” In it, he described liberals as “partisan automatons, ideologues, those who detest higher truth and want to focus mainly on bringing in worldly tyrannical kingdoms and also push Christmas aside.”

I happen to be a liberal Democrat and I thought it might be helpful for readers to know how I celebrated Christmas. It started by singing in the St. John’s Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert. It was followed by leading the Democrats in two holiday parades, wishing “Merry Christmas” to all. My wife and I were both shepherds in our neighborhood Nativity Tableau at Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church. Then, I led the annual Fulton Heights Christmas Caroling in our neighborhood. I also helped set up the annual

Democrat-sponsored Christmas gift-giving party for shelter residents at Rowan Helping Ministries.

I am not aware of any liberal, progressive Democrats who want to cancel Christmas, whether they are Unitarians, Agnostics, Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Muslims, Buddhists or just plain unbelievers.

I am aware that some people would rather not seek Jesus’ way of Justice, who trash truth, and remain unenlightened.

This, of course, presents all believers with the challenge of proclaiming the good news. I agree with Mr. Noththstine that the message of Emmanuel, God with us, is truly the greatest story ever told.

Over the 40 years of my public ministry, I proclaimed that gospel 75 or 80 times in Christmas sermons at multiple Christmas Eve and Christmas day services. Yes, I pray regularly “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and seek to assist God in making that happen.

Merry Christmas, now and every day of the year!

Geoffrey Hoy