“A healthy democracy needs to have contested elections,”
Keith Townsend, 2020 candidate for NC House


We need to make sure that no office goes unchallenged, especially those seats on the county commission. We want and need Democrats on the ballot.

As of now, Alisha Byrd Clark is the one courageous Democrat to announce her candidacy for County Commission.

When we don’t compete, we lose more than just the election. We lose our voice. We also lose voters who want to participate in local elections and will vote in the Republican primary. Some of those voters might not come back home for the general election and beyond.

The Democratic Party stands for progress. Click here to read who we are as created in the Rowan County Democratic Party Mission. Our values and policy positions are vital at the local, state, and federal level. We may not win this time, but let’s do our part to speak up for things that matter to people.

Candidate Filing for the 2022 election reopens this Thursday, Feb 24th, and we have several offices that have no Democrats running.

Local Offices

County Commissioner

3 SEATS up for election
Filing Fee: $141.27
Democrats Running: Alisha Byrd Clark

Register of Deeds

Clerk of Court

District Attorney

Superior Court Judge

District Court Judges – 4 SEATS

State Offices

NC House – 3 districts in Rowan – $140

NC Senate – 1 district – $140

If you want to learn more about running for any of these local or state offices, please contact the Rowan County Democratic Party at info@rowandemocrats.com.

When you decide to run please contact the Rowan County Board of Elections to check your eligibility and to find out what you need to bring with you when you file your candidacy: 704-216-8140.


Geoffrey Hoy
Chair, Rowan Democrats