Evelyn is concerned about democracy in our country. She regularly responds to issues and letters in the Salisbury Post and for RCDP’s Voters Speak. 

In recent years, many questions have come up about “election fraud”. Perhaps I am out of touch with the times we live in, but I can’t seem to comprehend the fraud some politicians complain about.

At the present time, when a Republican wins a seat, it is a fair election. No Fraud! When a Democrat wins a seat, the Republicans claim fraud. How is it a fair election when the Republicans win, but a fraudulent one when the Democrats win?

The recent Virginia election is a good example. The Republican candidate wins the governor’s seat and it is a fair election. The Democratic candidate loses and concedes. In our Salisbury Mayor’s election, the Republican candidate wins by 14 points and the Democratic candidate gracefully concedes.

In the 2000 Bush / Gore Presidential Election, the Supreme Court gave the election to Republican / Bush. Democrat / Gore gracefully blessed the new President. The Democrats did not cry fraud.

In the 2016 Trump / Clinton Presidential Election, Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump won the Presidency. Clinton conceded gracefully! 

On the 27th of November, 2016, Trump tweeted, “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally”, setting the stage for … what?  This quote was reprinted in the New York Times. I clipped it out and it has resided on my fridge ever since.

Hilary Clinton was senator, was Secretary of State, she had National and International experience and was qualified for the job. I supported her. It was time for us in America to have a Lady President. England, India, Pakistan, so many European, Asian and South American countries have had female leaders – why not us? 

Now if American elections are fraudulent, then we are no better than the Philippines or Venezuela, or any African or Third World country where dictators rule the land. Where dictators write their own laws and rules, and only death ends their terms in office. 

Is this where we are heading? Are we heading to a place where, after a presidential election, the Republican controlled Supreme Court steps in and decides the winner of the election?

I live in a free country. I vote in free and fair elections – which I firmly believe we have right now! When one party cries foul when their candidate loses, we are no longer fair and free.

What matters now is how do we solve the election distrust and voter fraud (which does not exist) that this country is facing before we have another election?

Do we in Salisbury, Rowan County, trust our voting machines? The volunteers who trust us with no picture ID and check us in? So far, I have never been asked to show photo ID. I hope it never comes to that.

I must confess, I am scared. If the Republicans are going to scream election fraud every time their candidates lose, then are we heading for a one-party government? To my knowledge a one-party government is a fascist regime and not a democracy. No elections will be needed.

We the people, whether in Salisbury or Sacramento, need to stand up and start fighting for what we believe in. Do we fight for fair and free elections, or do we succumb to the strong arm, bullying tactics of a one-party system?

Why don’t we, the people of Salisbury lead this county, this state, by beginning our own fight to save our treasured democracy?

We begin by showing our faith in our election system that is truly fair and free and must be saved from fraudulent forces.

If we believe in democracy, we begin the fight now.

And remember: If an election result can give us January 6 in 2021, what will it give us in 2025?

Evelyn Uddin-Kahn


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