“The greatest enemy of positive social change is cynicism about what can be changed.” This recent quote by Robert Reich is a reminder of how democracy can die a slow death if we don’t keep up our long game for the short term. Small things, like letters to the editor and commentary from local residents, can make an impact in Rowan County. 

A new VOTERS SPEAK category has been added to the Rowan County Democratic webpage. This new feature, recently discussed at a Dem zoom meeting, will share letters published in the Salisbury Post by local voters who support Dem values. We will also consider other submissions. 

As the 2022 election cycle approaches, local Dem supporters can help call out the misinformation and disinformation often found in opinion letters on the editorial page of our local paper. Together we can make a difference with our shared values about important subjects and policy and counter opposing or weak arguments with facts. 

Our first round of letters come from folks who were part of the initial zoom discussion. If you are interested in being part of a concerted effort to raise the profile of Democratic values within Rowan County through written words and publication on the Rowan County Democratic webpage, please contact us at votersspeak@rowandemocrats.com. Basic rules from our Dem discussion group will also apply to letter publication: Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. No hate speech or bullying. Take the high ground. This is a Democratic webpage so no letters campaigning or advocating for Republicans will be shared. All letters shared with the RCDP will be with permission from the authors. 

Many thanks to all willing to organize your thoughts into a written form that promotes Dem values. As President Biden has reminded us, “We are in a battle for the soul of America.” Yes, even in Rowan County. 

NOTE: Letters to the Salisbury Post fall into two categories. Letters to the editor can be short or longer, with a limit of 300 words. My Turn columns have a maximum of 700 words. Writers must email their letters to the editor or submit them digitally using the submission link on the website, unless they are physically unable to do so. Email is letters@salisburypost.com. If you have questions, the Post can be reached at 704-797-4248.