The Rowan County Democratic Party Convention was held on Saturday, April 10 on Zoom! Zoom means “fast” and after welcoming the 64 participants from across the county including 16 organized precincts, we got to work!

We re-elected our Chair and Vice-Chairs, Geoffrey Hoy and Chariel Dye, and Dianne Sartiano as secretary. Shawn Rush was elected 2nd Vice-Chair, Mary Ducksworth 3rd Vice-Chair, and Linda Perdue treasurer. 

For delegates to the North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Committee, George El-Khouri, Shawn Rush, Pat Sledge and Chariel Dye were elected. Chair Hoy is a member ex officio. We also approved sending 72 delegates to the District 13 Convention in May.

Issues were also addressed by passing two resolutions brought forward by the Spencer precinct. 

Ed Hull presented a resolution asking for support of the Commission to study Reparation Proposals for African Americans – H.R. 40. 

Rosalind Kotz presented a resolution regarding voter suppression. 

Both passed and will be sent on to the District 13 Convention.

We received greetings from Dr. Bobbie Richardson, state party chair, Governor Roy Cooper, and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

Click here to meet our new officers!